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C&DHT 3 Year Plan

Chester District Housing Trust's 3 Year
Improvement Plan 2008 - 2011

What does the plan mean and how does it work?

The 3 year investment plan is to show you what work will be carried out to your home, we have used our stock condition information to prioritize which properties need improvement. The number next to your street shows which year you will receive the improvement. What is the reason if my home is not down for any improvements?

The improvements have been planned using our stock condition information and we have prioritized this in to the 3 year plan. All our improvements are planned on this basis and will continue to be to ensure that our investment is delivered fairly and to the right homes. If my street is down for an improvement what happens next?
A surveyor will contact you nearer the time to carry out a survey to your home, each home is different and it maybe that the improvements specified are not necessary. If you have had a new kitchen for example since the Trust was formed and your street is down for new kitchens then we will offer to carry out minor improvements rather than renew the kitchen again. What if my home has already had the specified improvement my street is down for?
Below are examples of remedial works which could be undertaken if necessary to improve the property if you have had previous improvements carried out, this will ensure your home meets Chester & District Housing Trust's Decent Homes Standard:-

Had a new Bathroom?
We will offer over bath shower, additional tiling and extractor fan Had a new Kitchen? We will offer additional units, tiling and replacement flooring Had your home rewired? We will offer additional lighting circuits and wall sockets Had a new door? We will offer draft proofing, deadlocks, spy-hole, security chain and safety glass What Happens Now? The Trust carries out improvement works on a seasonal timescale of spring, summer, autumn, winter. All Residents of properties included in the 3 Year Improvement Plan, which runs from April to April each year, will be contacted at the beginning of the year improvement works are due with details of when improvement work will be done. We will hold consultation events in your area to enable you to have any queries answered and view examples of the type of work we will carry out. Who can I contact if I have any questions?

If you wish to speak to someone about the 3 Year Improvement Plan then please contact Property Services Business Support on FREEPHONE 0808 100 7701 or 01244 305 503. Alternatively you can email our business support on

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