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NewTownSaints Community WebSite

Computer Jargon Explained [2]

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A collection of content (see below) grouped together by theme or function. Presented on a Portal for entertainment or informational purposes

An conversation between two or more people that takes place online in a chat room stay safe while you're doing it

A method of making files smaller, either for storage or for internet speed of delivery. Includes JPEG and GIF for pictures, MP3 for music files, and zip for most others

A variety of features, tools and services available on a Website for an audience to view and use. May be grouped into Channels for a Portal

A file stored on your computer by a Website, in order to track your preferences You can reset your cookies by going to internet options under your tools menu and selecting 'delete cookies'

Describes a program which bypasses a particular software's security code. In other words, if you have a CD or a pice of software which is a copy, the orginal key has probably been cracked

Dial-up (or narrowband)
A computer connection which relies on telephone lines and a modem to connnect to the internet. Pafe download speeds are typically 56K (thousand) bps. (bits per second)
Not to be confused with Broadband which is often 10, 50 or over 100 times faster. Domain
An internet address (i.e. owned by a company or individual

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