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Just been 'pharmed' by a Trojan?
Most of us haven't a clue when it comes to computer jargon. So when it comes to security, if we don't know phishing from keylogging, how can we get the right software to protect our PCs? Our basic guide explains most of the common terms, what they mean, and how you can find out more.

A 'codec' (short for compressor-decompressor or coder-decoder) that allows the AVI to contain and transport the the MPEG-4 data stream.

A graphical representation you use to distinguish yourself from other people in online chat or forums. It can be a simple picture or an animation, but it should fairly represent how you are perceived by those who are chatting to you.

AVI (Audio Video Interleave)
A 'container' format or 'transporter' for playing videos.

The most common form of online advertising, usually situated at the top of a Web page. Often animated and usually linking through to a microsite.

Blog (or Weblog)
A website that performs a similar function to a diary, except that it's online and can be accessed by an audience and linked to from other Websites.

A wireless communication system for PCs and other computing devices.

A Blackberry device is like a mobile but aims to perform more like your computer. Emails can be sent to the Blackberry just like text messages, so you get them as soon as they arrive.

Bookmarks (or favourites)
An easy way to store direct links in your computer to sites you wish to return toSimply access the Webpage you want to bookmark and (depending on your browser) go to Favourites or Bookmark and click on the add option.

A catch-all term used to describe computer connections at bandwidths higher than an ordinary modem, eg ADSL or cable.

Breadcrumb trail
A breadcrumb trail is a listing of pages often located at the top of the Web page that helps a user see where they currently are located and how to get back

A program used for viewing World Wide Web pages on the Internet.

A temporary storage area for frequently or recently used data. For example, your computer will search its cache to retrieve a recently viewed web page as it is quicker than downloading it from the server again Too much information in your cache can sometimes cause your machine to slow down.

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