Letter To Employers May 2009



My Curriculum Vitae

The Manager

Dear Sir

Would you be interested in ensuring that all of your job-seeking clients were able to produce a decent C.V. and letter of application for any particular position they intended to apply for?

Would you be pleased if all of your clients knew the best approach to secure an interview? And would you be pleased if, when your clients arrived at their interview, they had a strategy to pursue with the interviewer?

It would certainly be in your interests, because, the more people you are able to place in companies, the more income you will generate for your business; in addition, you will gain a good reputation for quality service with those employers with whom you work.

After meeting and talking with a client I will provide a relevant C.V. and a corresponding well-tailored letter for the employer. Not only that, I will provide a brief lesson on interview techniques, and follow this up with a question and answer session to ensure the client has taken everything in! Finally, I will provide a print-out of the C.V., the intro' letter and a 'crib sheet' of interview tips, making an all-in-one JobGetter information pack.

I can provide these important attributes to the jobseeker who may come to you ill prepared, and with little idea of how to obtain even an interview - never mind a job!

I have worked as a Lecturer in Business Studies for West-Cheshire college, and hold two degrees: one in Literature and Politics (B.A. Hons.) and my Masters' which is in 'Management Systems' , which I took at Southbank University in south London in the 90's.

I am writing to several top employment agencies in Chester to offer this service, and I'm sure our service will be of use to all.

Yours Sincerely

Tony Swaine

B.A. (Hons) M.Sc.

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