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Digihome PVR/DTR 80/160 - The Files Below Are For The (Model) T825 without HDMI

1. Download Latest Digihome T825 Factory VA2 Bin File
Displays v.10.2 in configuration menu - this is correct!

2. Download Previous Digihome T825 V4.9 Bin File

3. Download Original? Digihome T825 V2.7 Bin File
(Thanks Chris!)

4. Installation Instructions (t825install.doc)

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Image Manipulation

1. Download Picture/Image Re-sizer

2. Web Album Generator
(Click 'Save As' To Save To Your Desktop)

Web Album Generator Features

  • Automatic thumbnail creation
  • Photograph resizing / resampling
  • Photograph rotation NEW!
  • Type titles and captions in any language NEW!
  • Customizable photo album presentation
  • Drag and drop image support
  • Add captions and titles for each photo
  • No knowledge of HTML required
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS 2.0 compliant
  • Super-Amazingly easy to use

System Requirements
Web Album Generator requires either
Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, Vista, or higher.
That's it! Pretty cool, huh?

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Free Stuff Site And . . .

There is a Photo gallery with the ability for you to upload your own family pix, and there is loads of good quality websites, with free good software for you to get, such as 'AVG anti-Virus', ( free download and free updates - it's the one I have used myself for the last six years with no problems whatsoever), and a great free, essential, security measure: 'Zone Alarm' Firewall to stop all those fucking bastards infecting, and messing up your system!

You may also choose to prevent such nuisances as Tracking Cookies, Keyloggers and Trojans - all Spyware designed to track your surfing activity, while infecting your computer.
Again, AVG have a superb free product Free Anti-SpyWare, Which helps to clean your computer and keep it running smoothly.

You often have to download compressed or 'zipped' files (they save time and space), and you need an 'unzip' facility. There are many around, the best known is 'WinZip', but better by far is 'WinRar'. I find it much less daunting and easier to use and you may   download your copy of WinRar here, and just 'double-click' the icon to install it on your system.


I urge you to change to Firefox web browser, also free, as it has an anti-pop-up blocker built in, and it is much more stable, reliable and user-friendly than those other lumps of rubbish from microsoft: IE5, (Internet Explorer) IE6 and IE7!!

If you need any help with installing any of these programs please icon_email (1K)contact me!

I write XHTML and CSS code, and if there is anyone needs help with this or anything to do with computers, Microsoft Office, etc., just drop me a line at

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